Easy Installation

Easy to follow assembly instructions included.

Set it up once.
You don't have to install The Porch more than one time a season. Once you have done the initial setup The Porch easily collapses when not in use. When you get in your stand the hunter simply lifts the two support rods.

Made In Michigan

Durable product made right here in the U.S.A.

Increases the floor of your already purchased tree stand. Never fall or stumble again. Spend money on your family not on a new tree stand.

Get that Trophy
The Porch allows hunters to safely change positions easily. It provides more room to maneuver.

Special Features

You'll wonder what you did before The Porch.

Addition To Stand
The Porch consists of a metal secondary platform that attaches to the main foot platform of a ladder-style tree stand. It measures 19 Inches long, 9 Inches wide, and 1 Inch thick.

The Construction
The platform is composed of metal square tubing with a metal grate. This is attached to the ladder stand via a bracket attached with the use of the manufacture bolt, which hold his foot platform in place. The Porch is attached to the bracket and allows it to hinge, and fold up and down.

The Porch Objective

The device attaches to the foot platform of a ladder-style tree stand to provide hunters with more room. The unit enables hunters to change positions easily while in their tree stands and could prevent them from falling.

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